Where are Stateline Generators manufactured?

Stateline Generators are manufactured in Greenville, Ohio U.S.A. and use engines from highly reliable American sources like John Deere, Perkins and General Motors (PSI).

I have a 200 Amp service entrance. What Stateline Generator solution is best for me?

A 200 Amp service entrance requires a 200 Amp service rated switch, which would correspond best with a 60kW Stateline Generator. For specific information, contact a Stateline representative via our online form. They’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

Efficiency is important to me. Do you have information about the fuel consumption rates for each model?

Yes. Stateline has detailed information regarding the fuel consumption as well as other engine/alternator specs for each model. Please refer to our product specs page for this information, or contact a Stateline representative via our online form.

Are Stateline Generators approved by the Environmental Protection Agency?

Yes. All Stateline Generators are packaged with engines that meet current E.P.A. standards for emissions.

Do Stateline Generators have a warranty or guarantee?

Yes. Please refer to our Parts & Warranty page for information regarding standard and extended warranty coverage.

Reliability is crucial to our industry. How do we know we can count on Stateline?

Stateline Power Corp is part of a tri-brand power group known as Southeast Diesel Power Group. Above all things, our core mission is to go beyond the standard of quality set by our competitors. With long-lived component partners such as Perkins, John Deere, Marathon and Basler, reliability and serviceability remain at the forefront of development for our generator solutions. Learn more about Stateline’s history and our standard of quality for our products.

Can Stateline Generators withstand harsh environmental conditions?

Yes. In fact, Stateline frequently creates solutions that are customized for those rough-n-tough environments. Features such as weather proof enclosures, aluminum sub-bases, dust covers, encapsulated wiring harnesses, drip pans and anti-algae coatings for high-humidity environments. Read more about custom options on our Custom Solutions page.

Does Stateline have experience with municipal assistance programs through Homeland Security?

Yes we do, and Stateline’s products are qualified. For specific information regarding state and federal backup and prime power solutions, please visit our GSA information page. Contact us directly via our online form or by calling (800) 267.8984

Are Stateline Generators compliant with clean radio frequency standards?

Yes. All Stateline equipment is carefully designed to ensure no electro magnetic interference, so loss of communication will never be an issue.

Are Stateline Generators capable of producing multi-voltage outputs?

Yes. Stateline offers multi-voltage capability with the addition of a Voltage Selection Switch that carries either 2 or 4 voltages at a time. For more information, visit our Options & Accessories category page, or contact a Stateline representative directly via our online form.

Can Stateline Generators be monitored from an off-site source?

Absolutely! Stateline offers remote monitoring capability as an option. With the integration of a Wireless Remote Monitoring system, your generator can be monitored and controlled from your mobile phone or PC. With call, text or email alerts, you’ll gain an inside look at how your generator is functioning in real-time. Learn more

Will a Stateline Generator engage automatically within the required amount of time for healthcare facilities?

Yes. Our backup generator models for use in the healthcare industry are designed to engage within 10 seconds of power loss when appropriately paired with an Automatic Transfer Switch.

Are Stateline Generators NFPA rated?

Yes. Stateline products comply with NFPA 110 regulations for emergency standby power systems and is continuously monitored for compliance.

Will Stateline Generators meet fuel containment requirements in my state?

Yes. Stateline’s fuel tanks comply with UL142 standards which are double walled with a secondary concrete containment chamber – providing triple protection. For specific information, see our brochure or contact us via our online form.

Are Stateline's products capable of powering our fire control system and pumps?

Yes. When sized correctly, Stateline Generators will ensure that your facility safety equipment will remain active in emergency situations. See our Generator Sizing Guide to determine the best solution for your business.

Will Stateline products withstand tropical weather conditions?

Yes. Stateline is the only brand that offers an all aluminum enclosure as standard. The enclosures are naturally resistant to salt air and are rated for hurricane-force winds of up to 150 MPH. Options for dust/sand, water immersion and algae growth protection are also available. Learn more about our corrosion-proof housings and the available Options & Accessories here.

Environmental aesthetics are crucial to our customer's experience. Can Stateline Generators be camouflaged?

Stateline products can be customized with a wide range of brand-specific or natural camouflaged colors. Custom vinyl graphic wraps are available as well to help the backup generator blend into its surroundings. Learn more

Will a Stateline Generator engage automatically in the event of a power outage?

When paired with an Automatic Transfer Switch, Stateline backup generators for your home or business are designed to engage within 10 seconds of power loss. What is an Automatic Transfer Switch? We’re glad you asked! Learn more here.

The appearance of my business is important to me. Are all Stateline Generators the same color?

Stateline’s generator housings are typically gray in color but good news, they don’t have to be! They are fully customizable and can either be powder coated with a custom finish to match your business or fitted with a vinyl graphic wrap to help it blend in with its surroundings. Learn more about Custom Generators or share your vision with us via our online form.

I'm not sure what model to choose for my business. Where do I start?

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

A good place to start is by reading through our Getting Started Guide. This guide will help you identify your utility service rating, the necessary equipment to be powered by the backup generator and give you a better understanding of the installation process. When you’re ready, contact a Stateline representative via our Request a Quote form.

Why should I buy a Stateline Generator instead of one from my local home goods store?

Simply put: Stateline Generators are more reliable and a better investment.

Generators sold in home goods stores are equipped with lawnmower engines and rarely last more than a few years. Stateline Generators are equipped with automotive engines, and will serve as a 20+ year investment in your home or business. Find a dealer nearest you to find the best solution.