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Greenville, OH, March 21, 2018 – Stateline Power Corp, a subsidiary of Southeast Diesel Corp (FL), announces the acquisition of Gemrik USA, LLC.

Gemrik USA is a supplier of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems and was founded in 2010. Gemrik USA products provide fluid storage and dispensing solutions for private and national fleets, mining, agriculture, and various other markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“We are very excited about this acquisition and the continued growth opportunity it provides for the Gemrik USA product brand.”

Wrote Rick Hagler, Co-Founder of Gemrik USA, LLC.

Stateline’s own Fabrication Division has been the manufacturer of choice for Gemrik USA products for the past three years and has a comprehensive level of fabrication quality and customer support experience with the product. With the transition of ownership, they’re dedicated to maintaining the level of quality and further developing innovations to serve the diesel market.

Stateline VP of Operations, Kirk Harman explains,

“This is a great opportunity for Stateline. The Gemrik USA product adds a level of diversity to our organization, especially with the introduction of the Final Tier 4 diesel engine regulations. The strategic acquisition will allow Stateline to provide another great service and solution to our diesel generator customers.”

The Gemrik USA name currently owns three main brands, “DEF Shelter™, Pro Storage Solution™, and Tote Leak Containment™.” The DEF Shelter™ and Pro Storage Solution™ brands offer turnkey storage and dispensing solutions which feature a transportable base with aluminum cabinets that house a UL rated polyethylene storage tank, a hose reel and dispensing nozzle, along with a self-priming pump and gauge. These shelters are ideal for storing bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid, oil or coolant and come in capacity sizes from 330 to 990 gallons. Their slim footprint allows for easy installation on most commercial fuel islands.

Tote Leak Containment™ offers a simple solution to spill and leak control for IBC fluid totes. The flexible nylon containment system fits a standard IBC tote to protect the surrounding environment from leaks and allows for collection, draining and proper disposal of the substance.

To learn more about Gemrik USA product offerings, visit Gemrik USA’s website.


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