Who We Are

Stateline Power Corp is a leading manufacturer of purpose-built generators for on-site continuous, emergency standby and mobile applications. We’re moved by continually developing new and innovative ways to use power generation in the industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal worlds and beyond. The Stateline brand is represented by our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our customers in every part of their experience.

Headquartered in rural West central Ohio, Stateline maintains a 45,000 square foot generator plant. Our second facility, dedicated to metal fabrication and powder coating gives us the innate ability to adapt to changing demands and continue to grow, far into the future.

In 1994, the Stateline name was built on a firm understanding of the need for a consistent power source on the farm and in storm-ravaged areas on the coast. As Stateline grew and became recognized as a dependable and affordable producer of generator sets, they gained a larger share of the Agricultural market and eventually expanded their reach to the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets.

During a rapid upswing in the industry in 2001, the Stateline brand was acquired by their President, Tom Tracy (Miami, FL) who purposed the company Stateline Power Corp, as a nationwide leader in special application manufacturing of Diesel and Natural Gas Generators.

We are committed to consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations in all areas of product, support and service.

In our business, customer satisfaction is top priority and customer satisfaction depends on rock-solid product, on-time delivery, reliable service and support.

Stateline Generators are used in many applications in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, municipal and residential fields throughout the United States and Canada.

Simply put, our focus is on growth and it’s happening year-after year. We work to stay on top of ever-changing demands and lead the way in our industry.